What Use To Be

I'm empty, lonely,

longing for your touch.

What we use to have,

I miss so much.

You're way over there,

while I'm way over here,

wiping away in the silence,

each falling tear.

Somewhere we lost,

what we said we'd never lose.

But something's now changed

and I've seen all the clues.

What use to be, is gone,

like all yesterdays.

And now one must leave,

while the other one stays.

Because living like this,

is too painful to bear.

For I look your way,

and see our memories there.

I can't be here,

when all we were, is past.

We're too far apart,

in this chasm, so vast.

I hurts me so much,

to say what I must.

But I've lost faith in us

and I've lost all my trust.

And maybe its my mind,

playing cruel tricks on me.

But regardless, I can't live with,

what use to be.

So, here's your escape,

your ticket to leave.

For I can't be in something,

in which I no longer believe.

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