Don't Look Down

You think you're better than everyone

in your fancy clothes, drenched in

expensive perfume and jewels,

leather handbag over your shoulder?

I saw that look, that sideways glance

given me as I stood there in the store

to pick up medications that keep me

alive. So sorry if I offended you in

my jeans and casual attire, long

ponytail trailing down my back, good

thing its cold outside or I would have

had on a tanktop, then my tattoos would

have bulged your condemning eyes for sure!

How dare you judge a person by the way

they look in hurried attire to only run

to the local store?! Must be sad inside

you, Honey, so cold, hollow and bitter

with nothing more to do in your leisure

time than eye people in disgust because

they're not as well dressed as you! So

sorry, Dearie, but most of our money goes

to bills, 4 children, groceries and my

medical needs! Why...I'd bet that all my

simple clothes added up together wouldn't

tally up to that ooh so fine outfit you

are wearing, but at least I am comfortable,

in more ways than one, might I add. I am

relaxed and confident and don't look as

stiff as you like you forgot to take the

hangers and tags out of your your clothing

before you wore them. So don't look down

at me you uppity snob. Why, just by you

doing that, you proved that I am in a far

higher class than you!

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