Clawing My Way

The Dark Side

Damn these barriers

and damn these walls!

One false footing-

and down she falls.

Seems I am always

climbing to get out.

Till nails are blunt

and imbeded with grout.

In this hollow pit

of pain and sorrow,

I long to reach

only the morrow.

But each is a trial

and each must be met.

No fighting the next one,

when still this day, yet.

But, oh how its maddening

and oh, how it pains

and hinders my climb

with tearful rains.

There's no reaching that peak,

if I only look down.

Still I live in the fear

that surely, I'll drown.

No one can hear

my gutteral screams,

that rip from my soul

and shatter my seams.

Inch by inch,

I attempt to ascend.

But am only rooted in place

with each reach I extend.

Why is the top

so damn far away?

Its seems the closer I come,

the farther I stay!

No matter the length,

of distance traversed,

I'm still where I was

in this hell, perversed!

There's no light

at the end of this tunnel,

when it sucks you downward

in a spiraling funnel.

Why can't I reach,

my destination?

Its not for lack of trying,

nor determination!

And yet, I remain,

in this hole of decay.

Forever climbing, scaling

and clawing my way!

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Rachel Federle's picture

Wow, I can relate. Wicked poem, I love it.