My Ship Came In

Out of an oceanic mist,

her beauty loomed tall

against the

backdrop of midnight.

As she cut through waters deep,

into more shallow pools,

waves rippled along her sides

in a quivering shimmer off the surface.

Majestic and glamorous,

is how she appeared.

Her body hugged by satin steel

and adorned with lighted jewels.

Slowly, she docked,

dropping anchor,

lest she would float away

on such wings of beauty.

I held my ticket tight in hand,

awaiting the boarding call

with my bated breath,

for this was the journey I had long awaited.

When finally aboard,

I danced around,

barefoot upon her deck,

reeling in the freedom she offered.

We embarked, cutting the smooth surface

like a diamond through glass.

Then, miles from the shoreline,

she stopped...dead in the water.

All around me, her once striking features,

transformed into hiddeous sharp-edged ugliness.

Black smoke poured from her stacks,

blinding my eyes and choking my lungs.

In a moments time, she lurched, up-ended

and began to sink into an abyss

of murky blackness,

and taking me along.

It was then, I realized, much too late,

that while my ship had finally

and at last, come in,

it was nothing more, than the ship of fools.

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