Know That I Am Here

Right now, things seem

so very shattered.

Your hearts are broken,

your lives feel shattered.

Coping in this existance,

with things we cannot control,

takes so much from us,

as hurting takes its toll.

Trying to deal with the hand,

that the fates have dealt,

makes you feel so lost,

feeling things you've never felt.

So many different emotions,

are running through your brains.

Hurt, betrayal, mistrust,

so many emotional pains.

I know you both are very strong,

even though, right now your marred.

Time will take away this pain

and heal the places that are scarred.

But I want to tell you both,


I want to say to you...

'Know, that I am here.'

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Dedicated with love to two very special people in my know who you are, huns! I LOVE YOU!!! Be strong!!!
:) xo

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