Taking Inventory



I take an inventory

of exactly what hurts

at the given moment,

for lack of anything else to do,

or in effort to keep tears

from flowing

by 'keeping busy'.

Starting at the top-

my head.

It aches with that

ever-present annoyance

of headache,

there most every

awakening morn.

My eyes-

they burn

in their dryness

and hurt from weakened

and constantly torn

and ripped



my neck.

So sore,

so stiff,

sometimes I wonder

how it serves

to hold up my aching head.

My facial surface,

the cheekbones and nose,

rashed in tell-tale

butterfly symbol.

Temples that endure sharp jolts,

jawbone that endures discomfort.

My ears,

that endure ringing,

similar sharp jolts

and one, that as of yet,

has an unknown 'echoing' disorder

that makes the simple acts

of talking and listening

a hated chore.

Then, the shoulders

and arms-

a soreness

that weakens,

joints complaining against

every move they make.

My hands,

so painful,

fingers that throb

and stiffen,

wrists weakened

from circulation disorders,

they tingle all the time

and cannot stand any

amount of coldness.

My chest-

those 'ever-present'

chest pains

around my heart.

They stab and jab at will

taking breaths by surprise

and away.

My hips,

how they hurt

from trying to bear

the weights

of this burdoned body.

Movements, too fast,

and agonizing,

feel as though

the sockets would slip and pop.

My thighs,

afflicted by

a nerve disease,

that makes

any length of standing time,

excruciating numbness

and burning.

The knees,

one already operated on twice,

the other in need,

both throbbing extensions

of the pain that is me,

they creek, they crack

they give out from under.

My ankles,

so weak, so pained,

so sore,

the pain reverberates

with every single step,

ever single

simple movement.

My feet,

worn and tired

from walking this path

I must travel,

they almost scream

in their objections

of the steps

they must take.

And all in between,

various other maladies,

pains, sufferings,

which I have no choice

but to co-exist among.

And upon taking this


I find that my stock in life,

falls way short

of what I had hoped,

way under the needed resources

to live a normal

and pain-free existance.

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running_with_rabbits's picture

that poem really hits you hard
thanks so much for sharing it!

best wishes

Much Love