Don't Do That...

Don't do that...

the 'shutting off'

you do so well.

The way you disconnect

and turn away,

leaving me standing alone

and chilled.

Standing there,

in a one-sided battle,

me, weaponless

against your silent assault.


by your freezing glances

and cold indifferance.

can't you even try

to see things

through the eyes

of others?

Can't you even try

to feel

through the emotions

of another?

Can't you even try

to understand

the feelings

of someone else?

Don't do that...

the 'turning away'

and blowing off

of matters

deemed unworthy

of your attentions.

Don't do that...

to me,

to you,

to US,

to what we have

and who we are

or what we've yet

to be.

Open up your soul.

Don't just listen,

but 'hear'.

Don't just view things,

but 'see' them.

Don't just stand there,

but 'be' there.

'Don't' do that,

and I'll no longer

be assured of this love

we have made into a life.

'Don't' do that

and I'll no longer be sure

I can continue

doing, 'this'.

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