The Graduate


Hard to believe how he's grown,

how the years went by so fast.

All those school-boy days of old,

now lie there in his past.

He's overcome so much,

in his eighteen years of life.

But never did he let it rule,

meeting headlong, every strife.

And now he stands here ready,

to head out into the world.

Highschool now is left behind

and his destiny lies unfurled.

Its quite a very proud moment,

to see him in cap and gown.

Standing there with his peers,

as my tears are falling down.

He's about to head out to his future,

that's waiting for him to explore.

My second born son, now a graduate,

of the class of 2004!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

For Josh...with love and pride, son! :) xo

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CONGRATS!! I know you must be proud! I applaude you, cause I know you're an outstanding mom! Much love! This was a beautiful poem too, I hope he enjoyed it as much as I did!