Alone Is So Lonely


Its worse than lonely,

its agonizing.

It seems I have no one

to call friend

in the actuality of life.

Not in the sense

of 'in person' friendships.

No one to go out

for a cup of coffee with,

no one to share tidbits

of gossip with.

No one to simply talk to.

I sit here,

day after day,

alone in my aloneness,

longing for the companionship

of a true friend.

My phone sits quite,

save for bill collectors

and long distance carriers,

who speak to you

as though they know you.

These damn diseases keep me

a prisoner

under this house arrest.

I may as well be shackled

to the walls that surround me.


is out of the question,

thanks to meds

and eyes

that refuse to see clearly.

Being out in the sun

entails a risk in itself.

For Lupus and the sun are enemies

and do not get along

very well.


I'm a recluse here.

No way to get out

and no one coming in.

They tend to keep their distance

when 'disease' is learned of.

As if

they could somehow

catch it from me,

by merely being,

my friend.

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