She's Crying Again

Soul Poetry


how can I help her?

Her pitiful cries

permeate my senses

and echo within' my walls.

She's there inside,

like a scared child,

who only wants to cling

to something...anything...


How can I rock away

her fears?

How do I comfort her anymore

when I feel as lost

as she?

Her pain is so present,

it exhausts me.

Rips me down

to a naked state

of vulnerability.

And I care not anymore,

who can see her

standing there,

out from her hiding place

of plain view.

She needs strong arms

to hold her up,

to quell her shaking fears

and soft hands

to smooth away the hurt.

Mine, I fear,

have not the strength

she needs,

the comfort she desires

to carry her through.

She's crying again-

and I know this,

for her tears

run down my face,

her sobs vibrate in my throat.

We are connected,

sharing in this,

the same misery

and despondence

and sorrow.

We are one,

she is me,

I am her

and she...

is crying again.

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