There Before Me

Family & Memories

He stood there in his tux,

and I admit I had to cry.

For there before me stood,

a very handsome guy!

Was it really so long ago,

he was in his kindergarten class?

And graduated to first grade,

my how the years have passed.

Now he was getting ready,

to attend his Senior Prom.

And yes, I have to admit it,

this is one very proud Mom!

He looked so very dashing,

in the silver and the black.

When he walked in the room,

I was quite taken aback.

As they got into the limo,

I realized with a start.

He's no longer a child,

but will always be in my heart.

The whole world now awaits,

he can have it all in his hand.

For there before me went,

a handsome, grown up man.

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