Chopper Dreams

Jus 4 Fun

Chopper Dreams

A 'chopper babe' I'd never be,

for dear hubby won't ever, get one for me.

So I live vicariously through those that do.

I ain't got the chopper, but I've got the tattoos!

I could see it now, the wind in my hair,

riding free on the highways, without a care.

My bike would be silver, turquoise and black,

the open road ahead and the breezes at my back.

In my black leather boots, with a feather in my mane.

My hubby would gasp, the kids would think me insane!

But oh the freedom, this soul would feel,

like being on a stallion, but one with wheels!

I'd ride through the days and into the nights,

always keeping the horizon, within' my sights.

Yeah, me on an OCC chopper, rippin' up the road.

I'd be one with my bike, in such peaceful mode.

But alas, they are only 'chopper dreams.'

Hubby would never, go along with such schemes!

But I can still dream of riding away,

though here at home, is where I shall stay.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by a topic at the OCC/American Choppers board! lol

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