You Never Asked

Soul Poetry

You sat there,


and far away,


than I could reach.

Days pass by in

monotony's blur

caught up

in the world's

fast paced rush.

Time slips past,

never to be returned

to those moments,

lost forever are they

to mere snippet memories.

Chances lost

cannot be regained

when you are too far past

the point of return.

Wounds sliced deep,

no band-aid can cover,

are too far past

the point of healing.

Words left hanging,

you never voiced,

dangle between us

in unspoken monotones

long past hearing.

Simple things,

left by the wayside,

once important,

once meaningful,

are disregarded

as mundane...

or simply no longer

important enough

to warrant your attentions,

nor worthy of your concern.

You never asked,

so how could I possibly

have answered?

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