Rhyming Poetry



If my life were represented
like a paradox
here's what would reside
inside my crayon box.


Blue would be any saddness
I've had along the way.
For moments of sorrow
that color would be gray.


My passion would be crimson
in those moments of flush.
Pink is for my love
the one that makes me blush.


Anger would be red
that heated color hue.
Grief for me is black
when life has gone askew.


Yellow means my happiness
when everything looks bright.
White is for my innocence
I had as my birthright.


Brown is my connection
to the very earth.
Green is like my spring
overflowing with rebirth.


My crayon box is me
all of them sublime.
I take them out and apply them
at the appropriate given time.



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David Richardson's picture

Beautifully written-overpowering symbolism and visualization. It is truly amazing the work ,visualization,craftmanship and visualization that you so beautifully place in each and every one of your sonnetts. Please never stop writing Cathy-you truly possess the poetic gift. I truly mean that!Please take care and have a very beautiful and tranqual weekend.

Dave Richardson