The Lost Art Of Paper Airplanes

In this world of techno-droning cyberspeed

and video game induced comas,

the simple art of making a paper airplane,

is lost.

Vying for the sleekest, farthest flying

paper projectile is now mundane

compared to simulated flights,

graphically state of the art and in 3-D.

I remember teachers complaining and lecturing

on the wastefullness of paper,

after a sheet, folded into a jet-liner,

glided past her head.

Seems kind of silly now in comparrison

to the reams of pages copied off

the web in pixal perfection.

Hands are now too busy,

tapping away upon keys

and controlling controllers

to spend the time crisply folding

sharp edges in search of the most

distance gaining craft.

Why bother anymore,

with prosaic attempts

when technology can place you in the

pilot's seat of virtual reality?

Yes, 'tis a lost art,

the making of paper airplanes.

For moving ahead with the times,

means leaving some things far behind.

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Ruth Lovejoy's picture

excellent write, so true and I agree with you so much left behind in a mechanized age

Heather's picture

So very true. It's a shame how people start moving so fast with the times they forget the simple pleasures of things like flying a paper airplane :)