The Other Side Of The Hill

Family & Memories

Honey...its another year,

much against your will.

A new milestone to mark,

on the 'other side of the hill!'

Forty didn't seem so bad,

but now, your forty one.

Being 'over the hill' was one thing,

but now the REAL fun has begun.

From your head, strand by strand,

will now begin to fall the hair.

It won't be as easy as it use to be,

getting up out of a chair.

The git-up in your go,

you'll find that it has went.

And after only a 'quickie'

you'll find that you are spent.

The gut will start protruding,

the pants will be pulled up higher.

Going up a flight of stairs,

will quickly make you tire.

Your knees will start to crackle,

every time you bend.

You choice of clothes will alter,

polyester will be your trend.

The memory will go south,

while the pants will go up north.

You'll find that you'll get dizzy,

simply moving back and forth.

The medicine chest will now contain,

things to make you sprightly.

Geritol and Viagra,

will be things that you'll take nightly.

The way you talk will change ,

in the things that you'll say.

You'll constantly remind our kids,

how things were different in 'your day.'

You'll be burping and passing gas a lot more

and complain about your bones.

You'll get that old man 'walking shuffle'

complete with little groans.

You'll find it harder to do your job,

and want to get a motorized cart.

But hey, their always looking for new 'greeters'

down at the local Wal-Mart!

So while your on the 'other side of the hill'-

always remember this, my love,

I won't be too far behind you,

ready to give you a little shove!

For I have always been yours,

and that's how it shall stay.

Honey, I'll always love you,

even when your old and gray!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Happy 41'st Birthday Honey!!!
I love you with all my heart...ya old fogie!! :)
Love, Forvere and Always & then some,

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