Princess Bramble Rose

Way back deep in Willow Woods

lived a sprite who only 6 inches stood.

With emerald eyes and an upturned nose

she was known by the name of Bramble Rose.

Fluttering around on her wings of lace

joy eminated from her tiny face.

A friend to all the forest creatures

known to them as 'the mystical teacher.'

She protected them from harm and danger

till one day entered the forest, a stranger.

He stood but an inch taller than she

and he watched her lovingly from high up a tree.

This was the son of the King of Sprites

a Prince who was named Aaronite.

He traveled every forest far and wide

searching for the one who would be is bride.

Hearing a rustle, she looked upon high

as he descended from the sky.

Quickly she scurried, on wings took flight

till she heard him whisper, "I mean you no fright."

Shyly she emerged from her hiding spot

and in her flowery voice said, "I know you not."

Bowing before her, he said royaly,

"I am Prince Aaronite, and who might you be?"

Her friends of the forest were gathered around

all of them watching, none making a sound.

"I am known as Bramble Rose, Sire.

Might I ask, why you inquire?"

He stepped a bit closer and the creatures drew near.

"I have come on a journey. You've no need to fear."

With a nod of her head, her friends did retreat

and the Prince came to her and knealt at her feet.

"I've searched every forest in every land

till I found the one who will give me her hand.

If you would do me the honor of becoming my wife,

I promise you a most wonderful life."

She blushed and asked in her little voice,

"But why me? Why am I your choice?"

Clasping her hand in his he replied,

"Because I have found none lovlier nor purified."

She looked at her friends she cherished so

and silently they told her, "Its time you should go."

With their blessing, she turned to Aaronite,

"I'd be most honored to accept your royal invite."

She bade farewell to her friends so dear

as she shed miniscule, crystal-like tears.

Then to his castle he whisked the one he had chose

where she became, Princess Bramble Rose.

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