The Simplicity Of Christmas


Beyond trapppings, wrappings and decked out halls,

lie the simplicity of Christmas

and the keeper of the child in us all.

For who's face does not alight,

upon seeing the brightly colored boughs?

Upon hearing the sweet melodious sounds of carols?

Who's heart doesn't skip a beat,

at the witnessing of a child's face lighting up

at the sight of a jolly man in red?

Who doesn't get that urge,

that child-like urge, to join in on the fun

of sleigh riding and snowman making?

And who doesn't feel that little glee,

when present is placed in hand

and its exactly what you hoped for?

Christmas, is simplicity, personified.

And if you cannot feel it inside your being throughout the year,

at least keep it close during this time of His joy.

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