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'This just in...

A woman was found in a dark alley, the apparant victim of

a brutal attack.

Witnesses on scene said the woman looked

as though she was mauled, physically

as well as emotionally.

One woman, who was on scene, had this to say...'

'She just layed there...poor thing, looking like

she had lost a part of herself.

Her eyes were vacant,

yet you could sense her fright.

It was very sad to see.'

'Another witness reported,'

'The poor woman looked utterly defeated.

Like she had nothing left to fight back with.

It was a horrible scene.'

'An officer on scene, told us the woman

was semi-conscious and only mumbled

one word, repeatedly- 'wolf.'

The lead detective on the case said they are not at all sure this was a random attack and that they believe the woman MAY have known her assailant.'

'Police are baffled and are looking for anyone

who may have info,

that will help them apprehend this brutal attacker.

A spokesman from the hospital,

where the victim was taken,

gave us this report on her condition-'

The womans condition is critical at this point.

She has suffered severe trauma,

both physical and mental,

and is in shock.

Her doctors report, that she is not fighting to live

and seems to have retreated inside of herself.

They say, without a will to fight,

her chances of survival,

are slim, at best.'

Again, we ask, if anyone has any information,

on this brutal and unprovoked attack,

please, contact your local authorities.

Police are worried that the attacker may strike again,

as the attacker stole nothing from the victim,

but only beat her mercilessly.

They have posted armed guards outside the victim's hospital room and are urging all citizens, not to travel outside alone.

Please...stay tuned for further developments on this story.'

Author's Notes/Comments: 

'Wolf'= LUPUS in Latin

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