Back To Your Room Pops

Funny, Ha, Ha

'Come on, pops,

recreation is over.

You know better

than to play with the computers.

Now don't you be botherin' no one in there.

We told ya before, pops,

if ya keep doin' that stuff,

we're gonna have to restrain you.

Nurse? Anyone give old pops here

his meds yet?

Yeah, I caught him on the computer again,

in some writing forum,

buggin' the daylights outta people there.

He thinks he's a poet or sumthin.'


nurse, he needs his 'Grampers' changed again!

Its hangin' halfway down his ass!

Hey pops...Long-fellow, your not.


Here I gotta poem for ya, pops...

Violets are blue, roses are red,

if I catch ya again, you'll be tied to yer bed!

Come on now...

back to your room, pops.'

Author's Notes/Comments: 

you wouldn't get

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