The Dark Side

This is my downtime.

The moments I'm lost,

scared and teary eye filled.

When tomorrow seems

too painful to wait upon.

These are the days,

that lonliness

seems so much more intense,

so much more apparant,

with no one to talk to.

This is my downtime.

When I wish that

'my day,'

were written in

'The Book.'

Scrawled upon

today's pages.

These are the seconds

of life that drip by,


as if taunting in reminder,

that I have no one,

no one to call friend.

No one to call.

This is my downtime.

When I feel

all the more strongly,

the eyes of hatred,

peering into my soul

and marring my heart.

These times when sobs,

are gutteral and cry out

for understanding,

for acceptance,

for love.

This is my downtime.

When the pain

is all controlling

and leaves me

writing upon this

bottomless floor.

Where the only thing,

that seems like relief,

would be to sleep tonight,


never again to wake

to another taunting

and pretend sunrise.

This is my downtime.

Where all I want to do,

is run blindly into

the darkened abyss

I call,

my life.

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