I try to quell it,

calm it,

be accepting of my life-

such as it is.

But sometimes

it builds too much,

resentment festers,

fury boils over.

The unfairness of it all

gnaws away at me.

Gotta keep keepin' up

the charade.

Be strong,

have faith.

(Smile, smile, smile,

don't let them see.

Hold it in, hold it back,

don't let the rage break free.)

People don't want

to hear your troubles,

know your pain-

everyone has enough

of their own, Thank-you.



Sometimes is not a smile

they see,

but a grimace

of agony and anger


as a smile.


yeah, that's what I feel

right now.

Bitter, hating, vicious RAGE!

Rage, at my inability

to control my own body!

Rage, at this disease

that owns me!

Rage, at pain

that's endless and unmerciful!

Rage, at utter unjustness

and hoplessness!

Rage, at the sorrow and grief

for a future

that may never be.

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