Shall We Dance Tonight?


He whispered across the Autumn sky,

'Shall we dance tonight?'


so as not to appear over-eager,

she approached,

barely shadowing his form,

while he watched her languid prosession

in anticipation of their joining.

He reached across, with gentle beam

taking her ray and taking the lead.

He knew she would not scorch,

not tonight,

for the heavens fated that this

come to pass,

at least for this night.

She was warm to his touch

as the November air tempered her burn

and cooled her core slightly,

just enough so they could unite

once again.

Their clandestined meetings were few

and far between,

as their professions kept them biding

by a long distance relationship.

She on one side of their world,

he, on the other.

On nights such as these,

nights set on his terms,

on his schedual,

they danced slowly,

their combined love radiating

in a softening blush,

while earth looked on

in etheral awe as they moved together

in relaxed waltzing.

On nights of her schedual,

her terms,

they danced a heated and sexy Salsa,

much too passion ridden for

earthly eyes to even glance upon,

lest they be blinded by their love.

The celestial dance floor

glowed with the soft sparkling

of those who had cleared the floor

and now hung on the sidelines

watching the couple dance,

stars twinkling in their eyes.

All too soon,

the music slowed

while the force of gravity

once again determined their routes

and seperated their forms.

She bid him, 'Good night.'

He bid her, 'Good day.'

Once more to be distanced from one another

by the rules of space and time,

they parted ways,

until their next charted joining.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by the glorious recent Lunar Eclipse, which I watched from my front yard, bundled up warm and in awe

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