A Mutual Understanding

Rhyming Poetry

He didn't know who he was anymore,

a confusion filled his head.

Although he enjoyed his life,

he thought he'd be better off dead.

Toiling hard, each long day,

till it came time to lay down for sleep.

He dreaded the darkness and the dreams,

that his mind continued to keep.

Fighting the demons that lived in him,

struggling each time to win.

With every victory he obtained,

he felt farther from the pain and sin.

A loner for the most part,

he hid away from the world.

Fearing that someone may see inside,

and his existence would come unfurled.

Then there was one who could see him,

his barrier she saw right through.

Feeling his anguish was easy for her,

because she had been there too.

A friendship formed and with it grew,

a bond of mutual understanding.

They were there for each other, sharing their thoughts,

doing away with their social brandings.

As time went on, each was able,

to view life from a different heart.

Sorting out their confusions and anger,

making a brand new start.

See, they were brought together by fate,

friends, nothing less, nothing more.

To help each other overcome their fears,

and their confidence be restored.

Moving on with separate lives,

each found where their happiness lay.

They had helped each other to grow,

and friends they would always stay.

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