The Retirement Of A Clown

He sat in front of the mirror,

applying his funny face.

But when it came time for his mouth,

he put a frown in its place.

Taking a dab of blue,

he painted a drop from his eye.

"It seems more fitting," he thought,

"That today, this sad clown should cry."

It was his last day with the circus,

after 42 long years.

As underneath the makeup,

he fought back his real tears.

He didn't want to retire,

but he felt his time had come.

For the audience seemed to want,

the clowns that were young.

This had been his whole life,

underneath the big top tent.

It was where he wanted to be,

and where most of his time was spent.

Putting on his colorful wig,

of bouncing rainbow curls,

He remembered many happy faces,

of little boys and girls.

He'd always known it was his calling,

to bring forth laughter and smiles.

He thought of all the places he'd been,

over the many traveled miles.

Slipping on his big old shoes,

and attaching his round, red nose.

He had just one more show to do,

before that final curtain would close.

Peeking out at the crowd,

his eyes met those of a little boy.

And in that single moment,

his heart again filled with joy.

Going back to the mirror,

he looked at that sad clown.

Then he picked up his makeup again,

and turned his frown upside down.

He would retire as he started,

with a smile on his face.

This old clown would retire,

with dignity and grace.

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