The Day That God Cried



The blasts even shook upon Heaven,
As Jesus felt the pain inside.
It reverberated, beyond the Gates-
On the day that God cried.


He looked down upon his Earth,
Seeing terror amidst His creation.
An anguish settled deep within,
Filling Him, with such frustration.


He saw many of His children,
Lying injured, bloody or dead.
He knew what this would lead to next,
And He was consumed with dread.


Many entered the Gates just then,
Taking their place, at His Son's side.
Heaven's numbers increased greatly-
On the day that God cried.


He heard the soulful cries from Earth,
Of the loved ones left behind.
They sobbed to Heaven, at the horror,
For a reason, they needed to find.


Then the mournful questions came,
From a nation so bereaved.
They asked how He could let this happen,
For what they witnessed, was too hard to believe.


There were no answers, He could provide,
For the wickedness that caused this plight.
All He can do is ease some pain,
And try to relieve their fright.


Their flags of red, white and blue,
Hung half mast, over country-wide.
As the World too, grieved with America-
On the day that God cried.


He listened to many-a-prayer,
From people on bended knee.
They came from every corner of the land,
From sea, to shining sea.


A unity formed among them,
Like had never been seen before.
As through their tears and their sorrow,
Loomed the prospect of a whole New War.


American's vowed revenge,
Their enemies could never hide.
For the fight against terrorism, was set-
On the day that God cried.


These bitter, hurting people,
Who have always striven for peace,
Were now so angry and so confused,
Just searching for some release.


He couldn't have prevented this coward-less act,
No matter how hard He tried.
For their was too much evil around-
on the day that God cried.


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