The Spirit


One dark October night,

when the moon was full.

There in an old house,

the spirit felt the lunar pull.

This was finally his chance,

after a hundred year wait.

To finally be set free,

from his imprisoned fate.

He entered one of the bedrooms,

invading a young man's dream.

The man shivered and shook in his sleep,

then awoke with a blood curdling scream!

There at the foot of his bed,

he saw a ghostly form.

The room had grown icy cold,

when only earlier, it was warm.

The spirit floated closer,

the man could see into its eyes.

Although the man was frightened,

his fears, he tried to minimize.

In a shaky voice he said aloud,

"Just what do you want from me?

I know not why you've come.

Please just let me be."

The spirit motioned him to follow,

as he led him down the hall.

Stopping about midway,

pointing at the wall.

Though never moving his mouth,

he spoke to the man and said,

In here is where they put my body,

when they thought that I was dead."

The spirits eyes were full of pain,

begging for his release.

He told the man he had to free him,

so he could finally be at peace.

The man was apprehensive,

his mind was full of fright.

As he proceeded to open a hole in the wall,

he prepared for the ghastly sight.

There in a little room,

the man never knew was there,

Were the remains of a person,

whose bones were lying bare.

The spirit moved into the room,

and there he moaned and cried.

"For a hundred years, this was my resting place,

since that night that I had died!

Now that you have set me free,

I can finally leave from here."

Then the spirit slowly faded away,

and the man felt no more fear.

In the morning, when he awoke,

the man recalled a frightening nightmare.

As he walked down the hallway,

in the wall.........a hole was there.

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