Family & Memories

The turkey is in the oven,

its aroma fills the air.

Dad is putting the boards in the table,

and digging out the extra chairs.

Mom is in the kitchen,

waiting for the dough to rise.

She has lots of things to bake,

like biscuits and pumpkin pies.

Grandma is very busy,

making her recipe for cranberry sauce.

Grandpa is keeping the kids in the yard,

playing a game of toss.

The relatives start to arrive,

with all their children in tow.

It seems that each and every year,

the guest list always grows.

The men all head to the television,

to watch the football games.

The woman shake their heads and laugh,

every Thanksgiving the scene is the same.

When at last the feast is ready,

everyone takes their place.

Its time to give their thanks to God,

as Dad says the Grace.

Soon all the plates are empty,

and everyone is full.

The children all vie for the wishbone,

that everyone wants to pull.

Evening soon approaches,

and the guests begin to depart.

Another Thanksgiving has come and gone,

leaving all with a warmth in their heart.

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