Waiting For Christmas


The children are all excited,

trying to be on their best behavior,

They know Santa is watching,

and want to earn his favor.

They're making out their lists,

of all their wanted toys.

Telling Santa how they have been,

good little girls and boys.

When we put up the tree,

their eyes dance so bright.

The moment we put in the plug,

and turn on the colorful lights.

The night they're waiting for is nearer,

when Santa loads up his sleigh.

And delivers all the presents,

they find on Christmas Day.

They're helping to make the cookies,

and all the holiday sweets.

Its always fun for them,

cause they sample all the treats!

At last on Christmas Eve,

they put the cookies on a plate.

Then hang their stockings, go to bed,

and anxiously await.

When they wake on Christmas morning,

they run to look under the tree.

There's no more precious moment,

than their little faces full of glee!

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