The Merry Elves

Funny, Ha, Ha

The elves were getting giggly,

they made a silly bunch.

It seems that at their Christmas party,

someone spiked the punch!

As they packed up Santa's sleigh,

no one noticed their folly.

Little Susie would get a truck,

and Johnny would get a dolly!

Everything was all mixed up,

the packages were all wrong.

And by the time Christmas morning came,

nothing would get where it belonged!

Billy asked for a puppy,

won't he be surprised with a cat?

Amy wanted a brand new bike,

hope she likes her hat!

Molly wrote and asked for a sled,

that she could ride in the snow.

But under the tree, she'll only find,

a horn that doesn't blow!

Little Tommy had been so good,

and hoped for a new train set.

But it seems that a pink teddy bear,

is all that he will get!

Santa came into the shop,

seeing the mess and junk.

When he saw his elves staggering, he said,

"My God! You all are drunk!"

He called to Mrs. Claus,

to make coffee, dark and strong.

Christmas Eve was that night,

and he knew he didn't have long!

Within' a little while,

he had them sobered up.

It looked like Molly would get her sled,

and Billy would get his pup!

They never caught who spiked the punch,

no one would speak out of fear.

But they all had a notion,

it was Santa's red-nosed reindeer!

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Prashant Tenjarla's picture

Hi Cathy, I followed the link from E&E. Sounds like the elves did have fun! The ability to write humorously is my blind spot; all I can is envy those who do write.