Escape From Oz!

Jus 4 Fun

The twister came

rushing across the land.

A land of little people,

flying monkeys wearing vests.

Witches of the good and bad variety.

I looked down at the shoes

I was wearing. Ruby red

and 2 sizes too small.

Clicking them together

never seemed to work

as that good witch had said it would.

It only caused an aggravating sound

and made me look silly in the process.

My traveling companions,

a straw man,

a heavy metal fan

and the king of the jungle

were no help at all.

They were too consumed

with their own dysfunctions

to care about my dilemma!

I needed to get out of this

strange place!

I needed to get back home

where reality lie waiting.

But no one seemed concerned for my welfare!

They all wanted my assistance

in some long standing civil war

among the good and bad

that resided in this land.

Why should I care about their problems

with a greenish hued lady

tormenting the donut-hole people with her

pet flying primates?

They meant nothing to me.

So far all they did was annoy me

with their high pitched, shrill voices

as they insisted on singing everything

instead of speaking in nice even


There had to be a way out!

I had to leave before they forced me

once again

down that damn bright yellow road!

It wouldn't have been so bad

save for those too tight shoes

causing blisters on my feet!

But then again


it was all bad.

Traveling with the 3 stooges was no picnic!

One was suffering severe paranoia

and separation anxiety.

One who couldn't share his emotions openly.

And the other, well...lets say

if he had half a brain

he would be dangerous!

That's when I again noticed the twister.

Moving swiftly through a field

of poppies.

I looked at the trio I was with.

These 'too full of issues' goons,

heard the little people

starting to sing again.

I had but one escape!

I saw the miles of yellow road yet ahead,

kicked off the blistering shoes,

told the stooges to book themselves

on Oprah when Dr. Phil was around,

and I started running,

full speed ahead,

chanting loudly (over the irritating

sing-song of the little people)

"There's no place like home,

so get me the hell

out of here!!!!!!"

and ran straight into that twister!!!!!

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