Riding Freedom


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Bare legs wrapped around pure
muscled and sinewy brawn,
both our long black manes,
flying loose in the breezes,
unfettered by ties.


Arms tightly wound around
the sleek neck of my wild mustang,
I clung in desperation,
afraid to loose the freedom I'd found,
afraid to let go of my dreams.


As one we rode,
hard across a canyon, vast
the only sound, the mingling
of both heartbeats and hooves,
pounding in sync.


Tears of delight
and tears of liberation,
mixed with the perspirations
of the run.


My body screamed with exhileration,
my soul danced, in uninhibited flight
and my mind erased everything,
so only this time was recorded
so only 'this' time mattered.


The awesome and mighty power
of my steed below me,
radiated through my being,
giving me the strength and resolution
I had never before known.


We rode all the day
and into the night,
until we both were spent from the journey
and under the glow of the full moon,
we slept,
my head, pillowed upon his flank.



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David Richardson's picture

This poem is so beautifully erotic.The pictute you have painted with your very talented artistic brush is so clear and oh so visual-can actually see in one's mind the intense erotic riding not only for one's pleasure but also for the complete satifaction of your soulmate.Yor visual skils were actually breathtaking in this masterpiece. Thank you for sharing your visions with me and have a very beautiful day Cathy. Take real good care.

Dave Richardson