Room To Fly

Family & Memories

She holds these things too tightly,

for fear that they will fly away, independant

and off without her.

Leaving her behind

to pick up the pieces

left on the floor of their childhoods.

She can't see past the tears,

that rapidly drip upon the Golden Books,

Legos and Barbie dolls.

Her heart twists in unmerciful grip-

that stronghold of motherhood-

and those ties tightly bound to her apron.

With shaking hand,

she releases the knot, while it in turn,

becomes the noose around her neck.

Forever to leave her dangling, in mother's limbo,

she accepts her sentance.

That of thier growing up...and growing apart.

Still, her womb aches.

Aches to once again, carry them protectivly,

close and tucked away from the harms and hurts of the world.

But they are growing up

and she must allow them their needed room.

Room to fly.

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