Outside This Box

Soul Poetry

Outside this box,

there's no place for me,

no table set,

no welcome mat,

nor greeting.


this box.

Inside this box,

I am safe,

they cannot reach me,

they cannot hurt me...

not again.

Not today.

Inside this box,

I am free

and content,

set away

from their

damaging eyes.

Inside this box,

I can cry,

I can sob,

I can scream,

for only my ears,

to listen.

Inside this box,

I'm healed,


I'm painless,

and whole.

Inside this box,

I fly.

I think.

I am.

I do.

Outside this box,

I am dead.

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Starry Night's picture

I love this poem!! It sounds like me too ... a lot of times people tell me I think outside the box. Sometimes I wear the box or sometimes I hide in it. This is really cool!!