We Can't Co-Exist


You and I...

its over.

Why can't you accept that

and just take your leave

of me?

Let me move on.

We can't co-exist anymore.

One of us needs to conceed,

this relationship

is going nowhere.

All we do is fight each other

and I always wind up,

the unhappy loser.

We need to disolve

this union,

of too many years of your abuse.

I can't take another

blow from you.

I can't hide the bruises,

or the hurting any longer.

I can't keep being

your victim,

never knowing when

the next flare of your anger

will leave me cowering

and afraid.

I'm tired of hiding behind shades,

tired of the looks of pity,

in the eyes of others.

I deserve better than you

and your manhandling

of my body, mind

and very soul!


we can't co-exist anymore.

I don't love you

and never did.

I only tolerated you,

but no more.

So, please,

just pack your baggage and leave.

You are not wanted here anymore, Lupus.

Please, just leave,

just go...

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Katie Helegda's picture

I really related with this, I like how you didn't really make yourself as the victim, just the one getting the suffering, I can't really explain but I like it.