Moved To Unmoving


They shall see in me,

a defiance.

Defiance of all I find unholy,

and all that tries to rape me of morality,

strip me of humanity

and purge me of democracy.

They will discover that I cannot be moved,

nor can I be changed-

morphed into one of their dead-eyed clones., they have met with far less formidable foes,

far less resistance than they shall meet

within' me.

My walls are built with sands of time,

and rocks of ages,

held together with a mortar of blood,

sweat and tears,

pressed, formed and placed

by the hands of one...

...and the hands of all,


They shall attemp to pilage,

aspire to destroy

and endeavor to conquor,

but shall only be met,

by the will of one...

...and the will of all,


I do not bend. I can not break.

I am molded of the strongest steel,

woven with the sturdiest silk,

and threaded through the eye

of HIS needle.

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