Me, The Moon And A Secret

Soul Poetry

Sitting outside, in darkness, barefoot,

knees tucked up to my chin,

I felt a whisper across the back of my neck.

'Lean in closer, Bella. I have a secret to share.'

came the softly spoken words.

I knew the voice, for we had spoken

numerous times before.

Tossing my hair, over my shoulder,

and arching my head back,

we came face to face again.

He glowed in the Autumn night,

looking as dashing as ever.

With a barely perceptible nod,

the moon bowed to me,

ever the gentleman.

Cupping my ear with his gentle beam,

he spoke quietly into my ear.

I listened intently,

emitting soft giggles now and then,

for his breathless words

tickled my neck with delight

and my mind, with surprise.

For, what he had to tell me, was wondrous

and just a bit, on this side of shocking!

His soothing way with dialogue,

made me warm and comfortable inside.

He seems to have a way,

of making me feel completely at ease,

with all my guards let down.

He continued his secretive informing

and my eyes went wide when necessary,

my head nodding in understanding.

I only spoke to utter the occasional,

'Ohhh's and Ahhh's'

and now and then, I replied

with an astonished, 'Really now?'

Oh, how he delighted in regaling my ears

with this, previously,

unknown to me accounting.

On a final whisper he siad,

'Now, remember what I have told you, Bella.'

Then, with a parting caress upon my cheek,

he bid me farewell and glided, with elegance,

back to his nightly post.


I sat there for awhile, chin in hands,

immersed still, in his luminating warmth

and contemplating what he had revealed to me,

for it came as quite a surprise

and warranted my proper consideration

and utmost reflection.

The hour grew late, the night, grew long

and my eyes grew heavy.

I rose from my perched position

and yawned, sleepily.

Giving a cat-like stretch and blowing

a kiss of good-night to the moon,

I stepped inside to retire to bed,

with so many thoughts going through

my mind at once-

which I knew, would carry over into my dreams.

For there was much meditating

I needed to dedicate to this revelation

imparted upon me, from the moon.

Much indeed.


What was the secret he had murmured,

so gently into my ear, that left me

in such a state of wonder and awe?

Ahhh...that's between me,

the moon...

and the secret.

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