Echoes In The Mirror

Soul Poetry

Reflecting for a moment

my surroundings fade away

till all that remains

are memories

dancing like flickering flames

through my mind.

Scenes replay

bouncing off the mirror

of my soul

and display themselves


in my line of vision.

Infinite refractions

lie before me

echoing in and out

melding past and present

until only one blurred image

remains staring back at me

from the looking glass.

Mist that hung over

the visions

begins to clear.

Stretching out

my trembling hand,

I wipe away the foggy film

anxious to see where

the memories of my life

have taken me,

curious to the path

of where it all has led...

where it all ends.

An image is clear

and unmistakable.

It is I...

simply, I who looks back

at me from the mirror.

It all echoes back,

full circle

and my understanding is

so much more clear.

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