Final Call

Soul Poetry

Life, ya screwed me.

You did me so wrong

and sat back in mirth watching my consequence.

You took such a part of me away-

the person I 'could' have been,

and squashed all hopes of her 'becoming'.

You turned your back towards me,

when I needed you most-

you snubbed me like a higher society in first class.

You left me standing here,

holding the baggage and nothing you packed for me

ever seemed to fit right.

Why, when you were my only hope,

did you turn and run from my terminal state,

leaving me there watching as every flight but mine, took off?

Where were you when I had no destination left?

You stamped my ticket, 'No Return Trip'

and left me standing at the lowest numbered gate.

I gave you all I had and more.

I gave till it hurt-and it sure did hurt,

while you gave me only postcard glimpses of 'Wish You were Here.'

And oh, did I wish...

Just once I wanted to make a journey, far from this place

and behold the sights I longed to view.

Just once I wanted to run barefooted in the sands of my time,

make waves in a calm sea

and build up my castles on the shoreline.

You never gave me a fantasy island,

never gave me a vacation from 'this.'

Never let me broaden these horizons.

Why, life, was it so hard

to grant me one simple desire?

One simple chance at being a frequnt flyer?

I could have gone far.

Gone places that only my mind knew the potential,

but forbade me my wings.

You kept me grounded for the duration

and never let me soar the friendly skies.

You never let me 'get away' from it all-not even once.

And now, here I wait for the final boarding call

on the only journey you will allow...

and Heaven never looked so good a vacation spot.

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