Catch Of The Day

Sitting on the dock,

fishing pole in hand.

The little boy was waiting,

for a fish so big and grand.

Reeling in his line,

he cast it in the wind.

It barely went four feet,

but still he proudly grinned.

His grandpa there beside him,

chuckled very low.

But he only smiled to the boy,

not letting his amusement show.

This went on for hours,

without a single bite.

But the little boy was determined,

to never give up this fight.

Then at last a tug,

pulled upon his line.

Fighting with all his might,

he wouldn't lose this time.

When it broke the surface,

the fish came into sight.

And the little boys eyes,

danced with utter delight.

His grandpa grabbed the net,

and caught the tiny trout.

The little boy grabbed his fish,

giving a mighty shout.

Walking back towards home,

the grandpa looked at the boy to say,

"I'm very proud of you Junior.

You had the catch of the day!"

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