The Man He Had Been

The old man sat,

staring at his hands.

Once they were strong,

and worked his land.

Now he was frail,

old age had set in.

His eyes misted over,

for the man he had been.

He struggled for years,

to protect and provide.

Caring for his family,

with great love and pride.

They never wanted for anything,

even in times they were poor.

For when they were down and out,

he tried all the more.

But now he felt so useless,

so weakened and so worn.

He was no longer the man he had been,

and he sat there so forlorn.

Then as they gathered around him,

his grandkids, children and wife.

He realized he still had so much,

and had lived a very full life.

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Marianna Li's picture

I liked it, It's nice and it's the type I like.