A heady potent aroma,
Is wafting through the air.
It can only be that time of spring,
When lilacs are everywhere.



Blooming for just a little while,
Their scent floats on the breeze.
Such a simple, lovely flower,
And yet how it does please.



Little violet-colored petals,
So silky in their feel.
Not fancy like a long, red rose-
And that, is their appeal.



I wish they blossomed all the year,
For so quickly they depart.
Leaving their bushes with only green,
Awaiting the next year's start.



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Chelsea N.'s picture

I've been trying for almost two years to get the wonder and beauty of spring in words....looka like you beat me to it!!
Wonderful job, I simply loved it!
~One With A Confused And Tormented Mind~