A Cowboy's Pride

Cowboy Poetry

The cowboy sat there,

surveying his land.

Pride overtook him,

with what he'd done with his hands.

This land that was barren,

so rocky and bare.

Now yielded green meadows.

for his horses to share.

His cattle numbered greatly,

as their heads he did count.

While sitting tall in his saddle,

up top of his mount.

Riding back to his ranch,

he had built up from the ground.

He looked at the structure,

so sturdy and sound.

There on the porch,

stood his children and his wife.

He couldn't imagine,

a more perfect life.

After years of struggle,

hard times and toil.

The cowboy had everything now,

but only started with soil.

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Nikki Astling's picture

I really like this poem, it reminds me of my ancestors.... I now live on 18 acres that my great-grandfather once owned....its only 18 acres out of only God knows how many, and it is split between all his living relatives.... I am blessed to know the pride he must of took in making this wonderful land what it is today...and this poem really convays that...thanks, it puts a perfect image in my mind of what it would be like.....NIKKI