The Person You Knew

Watching someone you love,

wither away before your eyes.

Has to be one of the most painful things,

its a horrible way to die.

Remembering who they were,

and seeing what they have become.

Living to an old age,

yet, seeming now so young.

Doing things for them,

like caring for their needs.

Things they once did for you,

now them you bathe and feed.

Looking in their eyes,

and seeing a scared child.

This person who was once so strong,

is now so meek and mild.

We do it out of love,

even though it hurts us so,

The time we spend with them now,

will make it easier when they go.

And even though its painful,

take these memories to your heart.

It will help you remember always,

that person you knew from the start.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Wrote this while my Gram was suffering a painful existance, before her death.

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