Coffee Withdrawal

Funny, Ha, Ha

The canister is empty,

not one single grain I see!

Someone's gonna get hurt,

if I don't get my coffee!

I need it just to function,

to help me stay awake.

To have a steaming cup,

why, it is the perfect break.

Aaahh..the taste of java,

so rich and very bold.

But all that's left is yesterdays,

still in the pot and cold.

Well, I will heat it up,

though it'll probably be too strong.

But it will help me come alive,

and move my day along.

Oh my! This is horrible,

its bitter and its thick!

And yet I continue to drink,

see..I gotta have my fix!

I guess I am addicted,

and need my cup o' joe.

To warm me up and revive me,

to start my get up and go!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

One of my early poems...1987

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Prashant Tenjarla's picture

Aaah! That's my weakness too...though I don't mind tea either!