Cowgirl In My Heart

Cowboy Poetry

I think I was meant to be,

a cowgirl in the west.

Wearing my denim jeans,

my boots and hat and vest.

Riding a beautiful horse,

across a prairie of grass.

Herding heads of cattle,

or cutting outlaws off at the pass.

Living on a ranch,

in a log home made of pine.

Tending to the land,

all the acres that were mine.

I'm drawn to a life like that,

to really live out the part.

But I guess that I will always be,

just a cowgirl in my heart.  

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Sierra Raye Delonoche's picture

OH MY GOSH!!!! I am so glad I found this poem!! I feel the exact same way!!! This poem hit so close to home, you have no idea! Thank you so much for posting it. It was a pleasure to read!

James Daniel Darr's picture

the dream of the western frontier i can truely say u have described it well. To bad not all share a passion for the west and its beauty such as you. I live here in the west wyoming to be exact and watch as so many people leave it each year for it is too desolate out here. But i love my home and always will thanks for the beautiful tribute
James Daniel Darr
Author of Poetry Of The Soul