Covered Bridges and Buggies

There is an special place,

that I love to go.

When I need to get away,

and just take it slow.

There's covered bridges and buggies,

farms as far as you can see.

To me, its just the most wonderful,

incredible place to be.

The smell of the hay is all around,

it fills up the very air.

During the harvest time,

is a great time to be there.

Mighty workhorse teams,

pulling through the fields.

With ancient plows and harrows,

in the bountiful crops they yield.

A man who's dressed in black,

holds tight to the reins.

He seeks neither worldly goods,

money, greed, nor fame.

They live a simple life,

that I have come to understand.

Is so much better than what we have,

They just live off their land.

Pleasant little children,

running around to play.

They go to a one room schoolhouse,

because that's just their way.

The sound of the horses hooves,

is soothing to my ears.

The clip-clop noise they make,

I always love to hear.

Wonderful smells of fresh baked goods,

sold at roadside stands.

Along with fruits and vegetables,

and items they have canned.

These people who are plain,

are very dear to my heart.

I knew I had to know the Amish,

right from the very start.

They've welcomed me into their homes,

and into their very lives.

We've shared a lot amongst us,

and together we've even cried.

Yes, there's covered bridges and buggies,

and many a quilt store.

But take a closer look,

you will see so very much more!

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