Turquoise Tattoos

Soul Poetry



they caress my body,
placed where I want them seen-
or not.

Each, a measure of me,
of my choosing,
my personality.


I wear 'em like a rebel's mark
daring eyes to travel
where they lay
and loving the reactions
they can bring.


Liquid lines and permanant piercings-
artwork displayed
and each a measure of my soul,
an inkling of who wears 'em.


Subtle hints of what lie beneath
the surface they adorn.
A trademark of my nature
and a copyright of this life lived.


Forever stained, they mark me
as who I am,
telling a shortened story
in a book of many pages-
some dog-eared,
lest my place be lost.


Each holds a story,
a meaning
a reason,
of why, they were created
upon my blank canvas of skin.


They number at six now,
but at any given whim,
their number could increase
to be joined by yet another,
depending on mood and circumstance.


They are now and forever,
pieces of me.
Turquoise tattoos,
lined in blackness
and mapped out on a curving road
of only one journey.


Some may ask for directions
now and then,
pointing one or another out,

or inquiring where where

their road will end.

And my answer is always the same,
always with a shrug of shoulders
and a tear in eye-
'I don't really know...

but 'll let you know when I get there.'


©Cathy Faist 2004

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