The Grand Tour

Soul Poetry

Welcome to my little world,

allow me to show you around.

We'll take a tour of all my places-

fear not the sights, nor sound.

This here is my bedroom,

where I rest my head at night.

Its in here, that dreams come out,

haunting till morning light.

Next, here is my playroom,

for that child that's still inside.

Into here, is where she flees,

when she feels the need to hide.

This one is where my demons live.

I dare not open the door.

For they always try to pull me in

and make me feel insecure.

This room is my studio,

where I let my artist out.

She paints a pefect picture of me,

colors precisely matched to doubt.

In this one, lie my memories,

packed inside a big soft box.

Protected from those, who would steal them,

I've secured them safe with locks.

This door leads to my poolhouse.

I've swam in there for years.

But it holds not regular water-

I've filled it with my tears.

The next room, you must be careful,

the calm is not what it seems.

For inside there, is my pain-

you still can hear my screams.

In this room, there are no windows,

covered with heavy drapes.

Its here I go to confront my fears,

from where I cannot escape.

This little one, is my powder room,

where I perform an important task.

In here is where I apply my cover,

where I put on my protective mask.

Upstairs is my attic-

be wary of the stairs.

They creak and some are broken.

Up there...are long lost cares.

Now this one is my favorite,

a comforting family room.

Nothing bad is allowed in here.

No cries, no worry, nor doom.

Here now, is my kitchen,

where all my ideas, I cook.

The scents of calm are all around,

in this thoughtful little nook.

Out this door, is my backyard,

where I can run carefree.

But only after sunset hour,

so no one else can see.

You've noticed there's no closets,

anywhere inside?

That's because I have no skeletons,

no secrets or anything to hide.

The grand tour now is over.

You've seen all there is to show.

'What about the basement?' you ask.

Oh...that's a place I NEVER go!

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