Nature Abounds


Did you ever take a moment,

to take a look around?

And see the utter beauty,

of nature that abounds.

I was just there sitting,

outside in my yard.

When I saw and heard so many things

and it wasn't even hard.

A baby squirrel was scampering,

looking for some food.

The stream was running quietly,

settling my mood.

The greenness just surrounded me,

full and growing lush.

Its colors just amazed me,

and gave me quite a rush.

The trees are now releasing,

all the stored up buds.

The winter snows are gone now,

the ground has no more mud.

The birds all sing their choruses,

as though in harmony.

I never really listened to them,

or heard their song to me.

The sun is really warming now,

down upon my face.

A deer just ran in the woods,

so full of life and grace.

These things were always here,

awaiting all my senses.

Too many never see it,

over their high fences.

So look at all the beauty,

listen to the sounds.

You will be in awe,

of nature that abounds.

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